03 September 2011

My tattoo part 1

Goodmorning guys!

I love tattoos! I really do! When i was about 15 years i had my first and now i allready have 4! I'm so happy with them, that i want to show them to you guys!

Today i will show you my newest, i took that one in May 2011 and it's really special to me!

Let's tell you the story: i don't have a big family, so they are all quite special to me. 3 of my grandparents died when i was young (2 i didnt even met). My last grandmum died last november. She felt kinda sick at thursday, went to the hospital on saturday and on wednesday she died. I was so weird, that it was going that fast.

The day she died my mum told me to enjoy every single day in life. Carpe Diem..

That's the short version, so Carpe Diem means enjoy life. The little star is a symbol for all my grandparents together! They are a star now! *

Soon i will show you my other tattoos..



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