01 September 2011

Buddha to Buddha bracelets!

Hi Guys!

Today i would like to show you my Buddha to Buddha bracelets! It's a Dutch brand, but well known all over the world!

The jewellery are all handmade and silver, and i totally love them! Last year november my grandmum died, and my mother gave me some money to buy something that will reminds me of my grandmum everytime i see it. I decided to buy a Buddha to Buddha bracelet Nathalie. You can see it here:

It's a huge bracelet, and thats the reason i also wanted to have a smaller one.. So one week ago i went with my parents to a shoppingmall, and i bought a new bracelet over there! Take a look at my new love! .

Looks amazing don't you think? I can't stop looking at my beauty queen! It's the Batul 1 cm, and it normally is for kids, but it fits perfect!

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