04 September 2011

Bitchslap Cosmetics!

Hi Everyone!

About 2 weeks ago i was watching some Youtube movies and i discovered Bitch Slap Cosmetics over there. I was totally blown away because of the swatches of the eyeshadows and pigments!

I decided to buy 2 pigments, and this week i received them!

And.. sorry but i'm kinda dissapointed about them! One of the colours is nice, the other one you can't even see. Also they are not very fine to work with.

I ordered the gold one and a brown one.. (Which looks like cinnamon :) )

You can see the gold one is very shimmery, the brown one i hard to see.. I think my flashlight made it look better! In real life it's not so nice! ;)

There are my only pigments, and also the last i think! ;)



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