25 October 2011


Hi Guys!

So guess who's back! ;) Hope to have some more time to do a lot of updates on my blog again!! :)

Today i will show you my new addiction! Rosebud Salve!

About 2 months ago i went shopping with my friend in Amsterdam, and she told me about Rosebud Original, we found it at a drugstore and i decided to buy the Original. And wow, i'm addicted since then! It's so soft for your lips and i also use it for my cuticles.

After that i bought the strawberry version on the airport before flying to Mexico and that one i also love! It smells really sweet and i totally love it!

And last but not least, i bought 3 new ones on the internet last week.. So my collection (accept the Mocha Rose) is complete now! :)

22 October 2011

I'm so sorry!

I'm so sorry for the silence! I've been on a holiday twice the last 2 months and i'm so busy with my work and my school..

But i will come back soon!!!

Keep on following!