06 September 2011

Postcrossing update!

Hi guys!

Sorry for the late post, but i'm kinda busy at the moment. Saturday i will go to my boyfriend for 9 days, so i'm pretty excited! :D

Today i would love to show you some of my received postcards from Postcrossing!

A cute bear from Germany!

A great card of the capitol of Italy.. Rome!

A mapcard from Chemnitz - Germany!

I really love to receive a lot of postcards! Today i'm sending 2 new cards to people in Germany and Portugal!

Did you allready sign up on postcrossing?



05 September 2011

Small shoplog

Hi Guys!

Because of the new products of Essence and Catrice there are some products for sale! I love sale and i bought 2 new eyeshadows! :)

A lovely dark brown eyeshadow from Catrice and a grey/silver from Essence. The last one will be an item for give-away also in the future! :) (i bought 2 of it)

And offcourse i tried them out!



04 September 2011

Bitchslap Cosmetics!

Hi Everyone!

About 2 weeks ago i was watching some Youtube movies and i discovered Bitch Slap Cosmetics over there. I was totally blown away because of the swatches of the eyeshadows and pigments!

I decided to buy 2 pigments, and this week i received them!

And.. sorry but i'm kinda dissapointed about them! One of the colours is nice, the other one you can't even see. Also they are not very fine to work with.

I ordered the gold one and a brown one.. (Which looks like cinnamon :) )

You can see the gold one is very shimmery, the brown one i hard to see.. I think my flashlight made it look better! In real life it's not so nice! ;)

There are my only pigments, and also the last i think! ;)



03 September 2011

My tattoo part 1

Goodmorning guys!

I love tattoos! I really do! When i was about 15 years i had my first and now i allready have 4! I'm so happy with them, that i want to show them to you guys!

Today i will show you my newest, i took that one in May 2011 and it's really special to me!

Let's tell you the story: i don't have a big family, so they are all quite special to me. 3 of my grandparents died when i was young (2 i didnt even met). My last grandmum died last november. She felt kinda sick at thursday, went to the hospital on saturday and on wednesday she died. I was so weird, that it was going that fast.

The day she died my mum told me to enjoy every single day in life. Carpe Diem..

That's the short version, so Carpe Diem means enjoy life. The little star is a symbol for all my grandparents together! They are a star now! *

Soon i will show you my other tattoos..



02 September 2011

Shoplog Eyes Lips and Face (E.L.F.)

Hi Guys!

Welcome to my new followers! And thank you for following! :)

Today i would like to show you my new items which i bought about 2 weeks ago online at the webshop E.L.F. I bought 19 items over there for the total amount of €26.- (about 37USD)!! That's really nothing!

I'm so happy with it, that i want to share it with you! Sorry but i have made a lot of pictures! :D

All my stuff together in the box! :D

Yeah! a travel mirror and a eyelashes curler.

2 bronzers in the colours: Warm Tan & Matte Bronze.

2 Duo Eyeshadows: Butter Pecan & Mocha Swirl

Blending Brush, Eyeshadow Brush and an Eye Crease Brush.

Total Face Brush, Eyelash and Brow Brush, Smudge Brush.

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, Liquid Eyeliner and a Shimmer Pencil.

Eyelid Primer and a Tweezer!

So that's all i found in the box! Pretty much isn't it! All these items are just €1.-. So cool! :) I didn't used anything yet, so i can't tell you about the pigments and stuff.. But i will show you soon!



01 September 2011

Buddha to Buddha bracelets!

Hi Guys!

Today i would like to show you my Buddha to Buddha bracelets! It's a Dutch brand, but well known all over the world!

The jewellery are all handmade and silver, and i totally love them! Last year november my grandmum died, and my mother gave me some money to buy something that will reminds me of my grandmum everytime i see it. I decided to buy a Buddha to Buddha bracelet Nathalie. You can see it here:

It's a huge bracelet, and thats the reason i also wanted to have a smaller one.. So one week ago i went with my parents to a shoppingmall, and i bought a new bracelet over there! Take a look at my new love! .

Looks amazing don't you think? I can't stop looking at my beauty queen! It's the Batul 1 cm, and it normally is for kids, but it fits perfect!